FMCA Brooksville

We attended the FMCA SEA (South-East Area) Rally again this year.  We had a GREAT time last year and met some wonderful friends.  We stayed in contact and most of us planned to meet up again this year.  The Clarks were unable to attend, but did ride up from Tampa for a visit.  The Goff's were unable to arrive on Monday, so they were parked on the other side of the airport, but the Blackmore's, the Saunders', and the Sanders' arrived together and were able to park together.  The weather was much cooler this year.  We got down into the 20's two nights, and only up to 50 for the HIGH.  But we didn't let that stop us from having a good time.  We bought a tire monitoring system for the Coach and the "Toad".  Bob Goff had the same system on his Prevost Coach, and John Blackmore has it on his Eagle.  Both were on their coaches when they got them, and weren't set up right.  We spent most of a day setting up all of our systems.  They are working well now, and hopefully they will help us keep a watch on our tires and prevent a disaster from occurring.

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The Clan

From the left: Carol (Tillie) and John Blackmore, Carol and Bob Sanders, Bob & Fran Goff, Bob & Gloria Saunders.


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