Cummins Service Ctr

We had a wonderful site beside a small lake, with a golf course on the other side.  They actually got us in the afternoon that we arrived, instead of the next morning.  They discovered that both front wheel seals were leaking.  The oil had gotten on the brake shoes.  The shoes were glazed and cracked, and had to be replaced.  They were having problems identifying the brake shoes, and said they would need to remove them and send them to NAPA to match.  Since it was late, they put the wheels back on and returned us to our site for the night.  Thursday morning they pulled it back in and pulled the shoes and sent them off.  Later they discovered that the shoes were not right, and they contacted Spartan in Michigan for the parts.  They air freighted them in at their expense, and said they would be in Friday morning about 8:30.  They put the wheels back on again, and returned us back to our site.  Friday, they got the parts in and had us out by 1:00pm.  We got a call from the other RV shop about noon that the control board for the fridge was in.  We said that we would be there as soon as we finished at the Cummins shop.  We drove about 15 miles to the RV Shop, and they installed the new board and checked it out.  Since it was late and we had 3-4 hours travel to Jonathan Dickinson, we decided to go back to Cummins, and accept their generosity for a campsite for one more night.  We plugged in and set the fridge to run on electric, but by about 11pm, it was obvious that it still wasn't working.  We switched back to propane and would call the insurance rep back in the morning.  By morning, the fridge was at about 23 degrees.  I turned it off, and decided to do some troubleshooting on my own.  I found that the heating element was bad, in spite of what the tech had said.  That explains the problem with not cooling on electric, but not why it was getting too cold.  We were ready to get on with our trip, we were already 2 days late getting to our next destination.  It was Saturday morning, so I left a message with the insurance rep and we headed on down to Jonathan Dickinson.

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Lakeside Parking while getting service.

This is Site # 2 at Cummins Power South in Orlando. They provide sites for their customers to use when they come in for service. We had 50 amp electric service and water hookups.

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