Tampa RV SuperShow

Our first real stop was the Tampa RV SuperShow.  We went in with the Newmar Kountry Klub.  There were about 125 Newmar coaches and 5th wheels here for this gathering.  We had a great location, with 30amp electric, and a private trolley to take us to the show, and pick us up after we were exhausted.  This was our first outing with the Kountry Klub, and we really enjoyed it.  Unfortunately, we experience a power surge which "Fried" several things in our coach, including the Power Transfer Switch, which allows us to change between Shore Power and our Generator.  Fortunately, Newmar had several technicians here to provide service to coaches, and they were able to replace our transfer switch.  We didn't have to pay for the labor, only the parts.  We contacted our insurance about the damage, and it looks like it will cover our loss, but we will have to find a place to get our refrigerator checked out.  I will deal with HP over Carol's power supply for her computer.  It is a slimline, and uses a non-standard power supply.  Walmart was able to provide replacements for most everything else.  The old satellite receiver which controls our rooftop dish will be something else to resolve, for now we are putting out a portable dish.

Tampa RV SuperShow
Wekiwa Springs SP
Cummins Service Ctr
Jonathan Dickinson SP
Ortona South
FMCA Brooksville
Hillsborough River
Fort Desoto-Feb
Silver River
Salt Springs
Space Shuttle Launch
Fort Desoto-Mar
Pride RV Resort June
Carolina Yacht Club



Parked with the Newmar Kountry Klub group

We are in location D-18

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Last updated 01/31/09