We arrived at Pride on Monday, July 13th, after some delays.  Rick and Becky arrived on Friday for an overnight  stop on their way to Smokemont.  We all went to the Folkmoot parade in Downtown Waynesville.  On Saturday, we moved to Cherokee for a week at Yogi in the Smokies.  Rachel went with us, and stayed until Tuesday.  Tricia came over on Monday afternoon and spent a night.  We had a wonderfull time with all our Yogi friends.... Darrell, Dennis and Gail, Tommy and Julia, along with all their kids and grandkids, as well as the entire Georgia clan, which would require several pages to list everyone.  After a week there we returned to Pride for another couple of weeks.

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Wekiwa Springs SP
Cummins Service Ctr
Jonathan Dickinson SP
Ortona South
FMCA Brooksville
Hillsborough River
Fort Desoto-Feb
Silver River
Salt Springs
Space Shuttle Launch
Fort Desoto-Mar
Pride RV Resort June
Carolina Yacht Club



Folkmoot Parade


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