Yogi in the Smokies - July

We are here at Yogi in the Smokies for our annual gathering of friends.  This is our 24th year here, and over the years our "Group of Friends" has grown.  We all come back here the same weeks each year and have grown into a close knit "Family".  We enjoy time visiting and telling "Tommy Stories", campfires at night, many group meals, time in the river( sometimes lounging, and sometimes tubing), great deserts, but especially just spending time with Great Friends that we have gained over the years.

FMCA Rally, Brooksville
Silver River State Park
Fort Desoto-Feb
Jonathan Dickinson SP
Ortona South
Lake Mantee State Park
Fort Desoto - March
Yogi in the Smokies - July
Pride RV Resort - Aug
Fall Colors
What Road?



Rachel & Stephanie at the river

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Last updated 10/30/08