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We have a variety of interests.

bulletRV's - We love traveling by RV and meeting new friends.  We don't necessaryily agree on the best RV.  Carol favors a 5th Wheel and Bob likes a motorhome better.  We are always looking at "What's New", but will probably have to live with what we have for now.
bulletQuilting - Carol loves quilting.  She loves to browse thru Jo Ann's, and every time we stop at a Walmart, she has to check out whether they have a fabric section.  They are closing the fabric section  at many Walmart's, much to her dismay.  She has an extensive selection of quilt sized pieces of fabric stashed here and there in Big Bertha.
bulletTivo - We've both become addicted to Tivo.  We love the ability to watch what we want when we want to watch it, and we can skip thru the boring commercials.  We both seem to  be having a hard time understanding the dialog on most shows, so between turning on Closed Captioning and/or using the backup button on the Tivo, we can usually keep up with what's goining on.
bulletMovies - We enjoy watching movies, but we don't usually go to the theater.  The big screen is nice, but by the time you buy tickets and popcorn and a drink, you could buy the DVD and have some change.  Plus... see Tivo above... with the DVD you can backup, add subtitles, pause anytime you want, and you usually get a selection of Special Features.
bulletElectronics - Bob likes High Tech Stuff and other Toys.  Things such as Wide Screen TV's, Surround Sound, Tivo, Computers, a newly acquired Telescope, model trains, etc .

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