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Listed below are some of our favorite Websites.  You can see that Bob leans toward Travelogs and Carol loves anything Quilting.
bulletSee Ya' Down The Road
bulletNorm and Linda Payne travel Full-Time in their 2005 Newmar Dutch Star.  Norm has a wealth of information on his website, and their  travels are well documented.
bulletRoaming America
bulletRich and Diane Emond travel Full-Time in their 2000 Newmar Dutch Star. Their  travels are well documented.
bulletWandering America
bulletDarrell and Judy Patterson  travel Full-Time in their Cedar Creek 5th Wheel with 2 "Ragdoll Katts"..  Darrell is diligent in writing a daily journal of their  travels.
bullet Pottsluck_NorthernExposure
bulletBob and Joanne travel to Alaska with their dog in a Dutch Star Motorhome.  If you have thought about going to Alaska,  this is a GREAT READ!  It is well written, entertaining,  and very informative.  Just really makes me want to leave right now.
bulletSt. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church
bulletWe keep track of what's going on at our Church while we are traveling.
bulletAll Recipes
bulletFabulous place for free recipes of all kinds.
bullet Quilt Blocks Galore
bulletFirst stop when looking for a new Quilt top design.
bulletSSQA Quilt Show Announcements
bulletLists locations for Quilt Shows.
bullet Nancy's Notions
bulletNeat place to find unusual sewing supplies.


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